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Zhuji Jinhe Socks Industry Co.,ltd. is a famous China Combed Cotton Socks Manufacturers and OEM/ ODM Combed Cotton Socks Factory , specializing in designing and manufacturing, which has an associated export company named Zhuji YISEN Import & Export Co., Ltd.

We have advanced hosiery machines, such as men's and women's socks with 200 needles, 168 needles, 144 needles, children's socks with 120 needles, and terry socks with 108 needles, 96 needles, 132 needles, 144 needles, and 56 needles and 42 needles for a comfortable sock.

We can do OEM and ODM services. Customers we corporate with are spread around the world. Mainly for USA and Europe.
High-quality product quality and customer satisfaction are our important goals and pursuit. Welcome any business inquiries.


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What is Combed Cotton Non-slip Hidden Socks
Combed cotton non-slip hidden socks are a type of socks that are made from combed cotton, which is a high-quality cotton that has been processed to remove any impurities or short fibers. This results in a soft, strong, and smooth fabric that is less prone to pilling and snagging.
The non-slip feature of these socks means that they have a special grip pattern on the bottom of the socks to prevent them from slipping off your feet. This is particularly useful when wearing shoes that tend to rub against your feet or when doing activities that require a lot of movement.
The hidden design of these socks means that they are designed to be worn with low-cut or no-show shoes, such as loafers or sneakers, where the socks are not supposed to be visible. They usually have a low-cut design that covers only the bottom of your foot and the heel, leaving the top of your foot bare.
Combed cotton non-slip hidden socks are popular for their comfort, durability, and versatility, making them a great choice for everyday wear or for more active pursuits.

The Comfort of Combed Cotton Non-Slip Hidden Socks
Combed cotton non-slip hidden socks are a popular choice for those looking for comfort in their footwear. These socks are made from high-quality cotton that has been combed to remove any impurities, resulting in a softer, smoother texture. The combed cotton also makes the socks more durable, ensuring they last longer than regular cotton socks.
Non-slip hidden socks are designed to stay in place, eliminating the need to constantly adjust them throughout the day. This feature is particularly useful for those who lead an active lifestyle or spend long hours on their feet.
The combination of combed cotton and non-slip technology makes these socks a comfortable and practical choice for everyday wear. They are suitable for a wide range of activities, from running errands to hitting the gym.

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