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Zhuji Jinhe Socks Industry Co.,ltd. is a famous China Trampoline Socks Manufacturers and OEM/ ODM Trampoline Socks Factory , specializing in designing and manufacturing, which has an associated export company named Zhuji YISEN Import & Export Co., Ltd.

We have advanced hosiery machines, such as men's and women's socks with 200 needles, 168 needles, 144 needles, children's socks with 120 needles, and terry socks with 108 needles, 96 needles, 132 needles, 144 needles, and 56 needles and 42 needles for a comfortable sock.

We can do OEM and ODM services. Customers we corporate with are spread around the world. Mainly for USA and Europe.
High-quality product quality and customer satisfaction are our important goals and pursuit. Welcome any business inquiries.


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What is Trampoline Socks
Trampoline socks are specialized socks designed to be worn while jumping on a trampoline. They are typically made with non-slip soles that provide better traction and stability on the trampoline surface. The socks can also help prevent blisters and abrasions on the feet that can result from repetitive jumping without proper footwear. Trampoline socks are an essential accessory for anyone who uses a trampoline, whether for recreational or professional purposes, as they provide both safety and performance benefits.

The Importance of Trampoline Socks for Safety
Trampoline socks are an important safety accessory for anyone who uses a trampoline. The grips on the soles of the socks provide better traction and stability, reducing the risk of slipping or losing balance while jumping. This can help prevent injuries such as sprains, strains, and fractures that can occur from falls on the trampoline surface. In addition, trampoline socks can also help prevent blisters and abrasions on the feet that can occur from repeated jumping without proper footwear.

The Benefits of Trampoline Socks for Performance
Trampoline socks not only enhance safety but can also improve performance during jumping. The grip on the soles allows for better control and precision of movement, enabling jumpers to execute more complex and challenging maneuvers. The socks also help reduce the amount of energy required to maintain balance and stability, which can help prevent fatigue and increase endurance during longer sessions. In addition, trampoline socks can help reduce the impact of landing, providing better shock absorption and reducing the stress on the joints and bones.

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